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All you need to know about me is cats. ♥

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About Catie

As it may be obvious, my name is Catie, I’m a 19 year old juggalo that smokes a lot of weed and watches too much Disney for her age :P I live in Vancouver, Washington. I’m not here to look for relationships other than friendship & I don’t post nudes of any sort so don’t bother. My birthday is November 11th which makes me a scorpio and I share my birthday with Veteran’s day. I have my septum pierced, and that’s it besides my ears but I never wear earrings. No tats yet though :$ I always have my hatchetman on. I have blueish greenish eyes (depending on my mood) I listen to a very wide variety of music. I’m interested in intelligent conversations, if there is such a thing anymore.. I hate people that aren’t real with themselves and put on a fake ass show for others. I don’t care who you are, you can be real around me. I Instagram (@catietwiztid420) if you’re at all interested. 

I post things such as or related to; Twiztid, Adventure Time, the moon and stars, tea and coffee, cats, glass pieces and marijuana, psychedelics and trippy shit, pretty landscapes, seasonal photography, Lil Wayne, Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Spongebob, Batman, brokeNCYDE, Kingdom Hearts (mainly the 2nd) Tim Burton movies, Johnny Depp, random awesome movies, Audrey Kitching, Lady Gaga, and other stuff I can’t think of at the moment…

This is my other account, if you’re at all interested: 
The theme isn’t much different, but I don’t post the same posts. 

Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to learn more!


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